with reckless abandon
Posted on 25th Jul at 6:22 PM

i just ruined my own life

Posted on 23rd Jul at 7:32 AM

it’s getting bad again and i don’t blame you

Posted on 23rd Jul at 7:30 AM

i really wish you were here to keep me pure, to keep me from going insane but you’re not and i am so very very sorry that i cannot handle my own life without you and i am so very very sorry that i make you have to deal with my problems and i am so very very sorry for myself i can’t be alone but i can’t be with others because i have no idea how to speak and

Posted on 11th Jul at 4:04 AM


i let everyone walk over me and i still stay

i could tell someone to forget it and not come back to me if they hit rock bottom but i can’t because i’d still stay for them

why do i put everyone else’s joy over mine and bust myself and break myself just trying to make their life brighter but they dont give a shit and go ahead and post stuff to hurt me

Posted on 1st Jul at 12:34 AM, with 319,808 notes
"If you are not ready for her to call you at 3 AM freaking out, if you cannot handle her at her worse, if you only crave for her curves and not her mind, if you cannot deal with her mood swings and if you want her just for sex stay the fuck away."
Unkown (via impetrate)
Posted on 1st Jul at 12:13 AM

im sorry that im not good enough im sorry that i dont even realize how awful i am im sorry that im not who you need im sorry that sometimes i just hate you im sorry that it kills me when it isnt just me im sorry im just sorry

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